TEB – Tramvie Elettriche Bergamasche

Since 2008

CEC collaborates with TEB as its local, national and industry press office, offering its expertise in the drafting of press releases, in the management of press conferences, and in the creation of the content required for web-based communications.

Through its collaborators, CEC has designed and implemented TEB’s communication campaigns, starting with the first campaign linked to the launch of the T1 Valle Seriana tram line, which defined the communication style of TEB. Moreover, CEC has designed and coordinated communications surrounding company anniversaries, events, and the activation of new services. In addition to graphics, video content has also been produced.

CEC helped expand the tramway company’s institutional relationships, planning events that got it involved as an exceptional partner, handling all organizational aspects. In addition, CEC oversaw the development of TEB’s corporate identity and brand.