Since 2001

ICTHIC is an international medical conference attended by the world’s leading experts in the field of thrombosis and haemostasis issues in cancer patients. For 20 years and 11 editions, CEC has organized and overseen every aspect of the biennial event, starting from the planning of every single edition. The agency is in charge of finding the most suitable location for the conference, setting it up, creating the unique staging for that specific edition, managing the suppliers and the staff, and handling the logistics relating to the event and its participants. In addition to graphic design, CEC manages the drafting and publication of all communication tools necessary for the proper execution of the event. It also welcomes guests and presenters and provides the technical support needed for the event to run smoothly.

As the organizational administrator, CEC handles the analysis, planning, and identification of services; budgeting; and the all-around organization of the event. It oversees contact with sponsoring companies (creating the sponsorship prospectus), contract management, and the management of exhibition areas.