DUC – Distretto Urbano del Commercio Bergamo

Since 2018

The partnership between DUC (Distretto Urbano del Commercio) and CEC takes shape in the creative design, planning and implementation of the annual marketing campaign relative to ‘Christmas in the City’, which gathers together all the initiatives supported by participating business owners.

For each project, CEC carries out a preliminary, necessary analysis and plans the budget, which is subsequently broken out in more detail in the planning and execution phase. Through its partners, CEC handles the creative side of the communication campaign, constantly checking in with the representatives of DUC, coordinating any necessary variations and changes. All the tools necessary for the advertising campaigns and the staging and set-up required for participating businesses are realized, in addition to the coordination of events and every aspect of the set-up. Discussions with the sponsors, suppliers and staff are also managed.

CEC also acts as the local press office for the event and, on behalf of DUC, coordinates with web and social media communication professionals, while simultaneously supporting its institutional relationships.

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