CSV – Centro Servizi Volontariato


In 2022, Bergamo was the first Italian Capital of Volunteering. The appointment came directly from the national Volunteer Service Centre (Centro Servizi del Volontariato – CSV), which recognized the work done during the Covid-19 pandemic in particular. CSV Lombardy chose CEC and its suppliers to assist them in the planning and realization of its celebratory campaign. The result was a consultation project on the way in which this entirely unique year was commemorated, the creation of the CSV logo and the entire corporate identity, linked to the ‘Italian Capitals of Volunteering’ which were subsequently adopted nationally. CEC designed and implemented the entire communication and advertising campaign dedicated to Bergamo Italian Capital of Volunteering 2022. The agency worked with CSV Lombardy to produce the main events organized throughout the year, some of which were national in scope, tapping in to its ability to create connections, collaborations and partnerships between different entities, both public and private, in the area. A special website was also built, and CEC oversaw the realization of photo features and podcasts which presented the numerous volunteer associations throughout the region.