ATB – Azienda Trasporti Bergamo

Since 2007

For ATB, CEC was tasked with the creation of a new corporate identity, supporting the public transport agency as it updated its image, acting as a consultant and providing support for the proper development of the brand. CEC plays the fundamental role of external press office for ATB, interfacing daily with local newsrooms and with the national and industry-specific press, intervening in the drafting of press releases, the management of press conferences, and in the specific creative vision of some social media content.

Through its trusted collaborators, CEC has created numerous marketing campaigns for ATB, tied to the company’s products and, each year, it has handled the creation and development of the seasonal pass advertising campaign. In addition to graphics, CEC also has produced video content specific to individual campaigns, anniversaries and the launch of new services and transportation infrastructure.

Over the years, CEC has acted as a liaison for the partnerships that ATB as entered into with local companies, fostering dialogue and their realization. For special events and anniversaries, CEC has acted as an event planner, organizing even the most minute details.

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